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We offer event streaming, drone, and 360 degree video services for businesses and real estate; and provide a unique tripod alternative.

About Us

Gramity is a new start company based in the South Waikato, offering media promotional services and media data capture. Our most popular area of expertise being walkin 360_tours for both business and real estate sales. Gramity also offers a live streaming service using portable kit. This mobility gives the operator freedom to shoot from just about anywhere which means the possibilities of capturing live events such as weddings, funerals and sports events in a way that is a lot more convenient and accessible for users.


Gramity offers these services directly to the public and business community, we're also happy to work with people who wish to create a self employment model anywhere in New Zealand. If you have photographic skills, believe you can market yourself and have an interest in self employment, then contact us for a obligation free discussion.


The Gramity offerings includes:

Business Tours - Walkin is an app-site that gives your business visual exposure using 360 degree photography and a number of very useful promotional tools which you can update as often as you want.

Our software directs searches towards local businesses in their chosen search location whilst making use of google maps powerful search features. 

Mystique Gifts Tour
Kiwinoy Beauty Tour

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Streaming - Gramity provides a series of live streaming products designed for various events and services.

These live streaming products provide a media rich, easy to view, great service for remote viewers - no matter where they are in the world!

Funeral Services Streaming
Wedding Streaming

Gramity Pod - Our Gramity pod, a tripod alternative has provided photographers with a stable base to hold cameras and equipment while at the same time being visibly less intrusive when seen at funerals and weddings.

Threaded with the standard 1/4 inch tripod thread. It's not light weighing in at 3.6 kg, but being made of coated steel this unit offers good stablity in protecting your camera in tight situations.


Gramity is providing services to the following organisations (note: This is not a complete list).



As well as providing a service to businesses and the general public; we also provide people with photography and marketing skills the opportunity to create their own business anywhere in New Zealand.

You will get to work with a great team who will fully support you. As Gramitys software is under continuous ongoing development you will get to benefit from each new innovative advancement.

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Monday - Friday, 08:30am to 04:30pm

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