Business and Self employment Opportunities

Business & Self Employment



Gramity is more than happy to talk to any skilled photographer who wishes to expand their employment whether full or part time.

As you will have an association with the Gramity team, as we develop new and improved services you get to benefit from any incremental improvements. This keeps you ahead of the competition. You also get to give feed back so our software engineers can develop solutions suited to your clients and local conditions.

Taking 360 photos for walkin, both for business and real estate needs to be carried our when there is suitable natural light. So the normal working hours you need to be available for range from 10am to 3pm.

The number of hours and days you choose to work will impact on how quickly you get a return on your investment in your photographic equipment. It also depends on the work/life balance you prefer. You will be working for yourself so its your choice.

We have a streaming service, which will give you more scope and clients for self employment. As we approach Wedding Season (Nov-May) there will be many weddings this year in which family members are unable to attend. Gramity’s streaming kit is fully portable so garden or outside venues can be streamed to watching family any where in the world. With the benefit of a public or private (password protected) viewing. The streamed video and any photos taken during the stream are kept on the post streaming site for three months for re-viewing or downloading.


1. This is a self employment opportunity available to suitable people anywhere in New Zealand.

2. Understanding of photography, photographic composition.

3. Confidence to market yourself and deal with the general public.

If you’re interested or want to know more about our business and self employment opportunities feel free to get in touch.

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